Jesus is my best friend.
It's true.
He's my bud. And He is rad.
Really, there is no other like Him.
He is the One I run to. The One I rest in.
And the One I cling to when life feels like a roller coaster. Especially when I am going upside down on those crazy loops.

See, I'm on a journey with Him. A journey of change.
I need to change. Oh, how I so desperately need to change.
And lucky for me He is in the business of transforming hearts.

Allow me to be clear here- I don't have all the answers.
{Ha! Wouldn't that be nice?!}
I am just a girl who knows her need for a savior.
I'm a girl who messes up.
I lose my patience.
I'm a perfectionist.
A recovering people pleaser.
And I've fallen too many times to count.

But I am discovering that He is more than enough for me.
More than enough for all my failures and shortcomings.
He is growing me. Molding me. Sharpening me.
Sometimes it hurts.
A lot.
But ultimately all I want is to look more and more like Him.

Writing, for me, is like therapy (wonderful God therapy!) He uses it as a way to speak to me.
Often I will start writing a post and by the end of it I have discovered new truths and realities of Him that I wasn't aware of when I started.
He's just cool like that.
Some of my posts are just silly rambling, while others have my heart laid bare.
I love them both.
It is my prayer that you would walk away challenged and encouraged {or at the very least smiling.}

From the very bottom of my heart, I thank you for taking this journey with me.



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