Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nighttime Bonding

We are so blessed to have two healthy, beautiful children.
Our son just turned four and is such a typical boy- full of energy, always wanting to explore and climb on everything! Our daughter just turned six months old! She is such a sweet, content little joy. She has always been a quiet and happy baby.

In fact at three months old she started sleeping between 10 and 12 hours at night. So for the last three months we have been in heaven, getting a full night sleep as both our kids would allow it. We thought we were home free......not so much......

For the last two weeks our sweet, quiet angel has decided to wake up every 2-3 hours. Yikes!! I know this is typical for the newborn stage, but remember we have been sleeping through the night for 3 months now!

Now of course I immediately get up to nurse her, rock her and lay her back down. I'm figuring she must not be getting enough to eat during the day, or maybe it's her teeth? So we continue on with this trend for about two weeks. Not fun!!

I mention this to our doctor at baby's six month check-up. She assures me that baby girl is definitely getting enough to eat and is basically using me for a pacifier. She suggest we try a new method: when baby starts screaming, go into her room DO NOT PICK HER UP, pat her back for 5 mins, then leave for 5 mins, go in for 10 mins, leave for 10 mins, go in for 15, leave for 15, and that's it. She said if we do this for 3 nights our 12 hour sleeper will return to us!

So last night we put this to the test. Baby girl woke up, I went in for 5 mins, left for 5, in for 10, then out then shhhhhhh........ mmmmmm..... quiet....

"Wow this really works!" I thought.

So I went back to our room and fell back asleep. I awoke to a strange noise in the monitor.... it wasn't crying, it was a muffled blend of talking and..... laughing!? I checked the clock and got up to see why my little girl was laughing at 4 in the morning, and who do I find but big brother standing beside her crib, holding her hand through the crib rails.

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.....Shhhhh.....How I Wonder What You Are........Shhhhh.......It's alright baby girl, I'm here, Shhhh go back to sleep.......Up Above The World So High........." he sang, smiling.

My heart completely melted as I watched from the doorway. My little man sure does have a soft spot for his baby sister.

After watching for a couple minutes I went in to interrupt this brother/sister bonding moment and sent my son back to his room. Baby girl fell back asleep after a little while and didn't wake up again until morning.
Yes, we are definitely blessed!!


  1. so sweet! and yes, i'm reading up on parenting advices/stories. it's been one of those weeks!

  2. so sweet! and yes, i'm reading up on parenting advices/stories. it's been one of those weeks!


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