Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Prayer power

On Sunday morning our pastor called our family up to the front of the church to pray for us. They supported us in prayer in regards to our house situation.

We got a phone call a few minutes later saying the offer was turned down.( As I wrote in my previous post.) Normally I would have given up hope on getting this house, but something was just different.

Today we received some exciting news! They have accepted our clause offer. We have 30 days to sell the house. They have opted to keep their home on the market, but we have first right of refusal, which simply means if another offer comes in we have 24 hours to decided if we want to keep the house or not.

Our realtors and our banker are all amazed that they have taken our offer. Apparently this is unheard of nowadays because of the way the housing market is. Our realtors said they don't even keep clause offer forms with them anymore because they don't ever do them, and our banker said that she thinks that this is the first clause offer she's done in the last couple years!

I know why we were able to pull it off. It actually wasn't us at all.....two words........God's Favor! I believe we are under the favor of God, and that even though we do not NEED this home, we do want it and our Father loves to give us gifts. Just like I received so much pleasure in giving my son his new Superman lip balm, so too my Father delights in giving me gifts!

A part of me is a little anxious to get our house sold, and yet the other part of me is resting in the knowledge that my Father loves me and wants to bless me with all the desires of my heart. I can learn a lot from my son, and his appreciation for the little things I do for him. I choose to acknowledge my Father in making all this come together and put my trust in Him. Whatever happens I know God has his best for us!

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