Thursday, January 24, 2008


Our kids have been sick since last friday. Our son seems to be pretty well over it, except for a lingering cough that I'm hoping will soon be gone. Our daughter on the other hand is in rough shape:( She has a horrible cough that just seems to have a mind of it's own. Once she starts coughing she just can't stop. It gets so bad that she ends up throwing up. Poor little thing. Her nose is constantly running, and what child actually enjoys having their nose wiped every 2 mins??!!

To top it all off it looks like she is cutting not one, not two, but three new teeth! One of them is just about through while the other two are taking a little longer. I really do feel for my little one. It's so hard not really being able to give them much. I've given her Anbesol for her teeth, and Tylenol for the pain, but other than that and a lot of TLC she's fighting on her own!

I'm thankful for the most part she is doing OK, and actually has small bouts of being herself throughout the day. For the most part though she is content to be held by mama. That, I don't mind. Won't be long before she won't want to snuggle for the entire day! :)

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