Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Winter Love

I have a secret confession........ I actually really love winter.

It's true.

I love the fresh crisp air. I love the way the trees look after a new snowfall. I love cuddling up inside watching the snowy scene while drinking hot apple cider. (A tradition my five year old son has recently joined me in. He loves doing this. We wait for the girls to go down for their nap, pour ourselves some steaming cider and sit and watch the snowy scene.)

Chris always says how he would love to move somewhere where it is warm all year. Not me. I enjoy the change of seasons too much. Sure winter makes things a little tougher. Bundling up 3 small children is certainly not my favorite thing to do. Not to mention the icy roads, freezing temperatures, and snow shoveling....... but I can't imagine missing out on watching that first snowfall, building a snowman, going tobogganing, and having a white Christmas!

Now I realize I'm writing this in November and winter has just barley started, and come January I'm sure I will be longing for spring. Ok. How about this- I do love winter.....and I'd love it even more if it lasted only until just after Christmas instead of March!


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