Monday, December 22, 2008

My Little Helper

A little background info:
Yesterday, in sunday school, the kids and I talked about what Christmas really means. We all agreed that Christmas really is about giving. After all, we are celebrating the birth of the One who gave his very life for us!
We talked about what they could do to practically 'give' this season.

They suggested things like cleaning their rooms without being asked, taking pets for walks, baking Christmas cookies or making cards to give to family, friends & neighbours.

I suggested they surprise their parents by volunteering to do something that they wouldn't normally do- like maybe wash the dishes. One of the little girls in the class asked
"but what if you don't know how to?"
I suggested that maybe they could ask their parents to show them how. This, I said, would show them that you were thinking of them and not only yourself.

Fast-forward to today:
Our day started off like any other day. We had breakfast together and then the kids went downstairs to play. We were expecting company this afternoon and so I was busy cleaning/organizing the house. While organizing I came across the pictures of the kids sitting with Santa. I cut out a couple to give to the grandparents. Left them on the counter and got busy cleaning something else.

My son decided to "help" by attempting to cut out Santa from the picture. I caught him before he got too far and asked him why he was doing this??

"I dunno" was the response I got.

I explained that these pictures were for his grandparents, and why would he want to cut them up? I went on to say something like "you need to think about others before you do what you want. Think about how Grandma would feel if you gave her a picture that was all cut up."

He went off to think then came back a few minutes later.

"Mommy" he said in the sweetest voice "can you show me how to do the dishes?"

Hahaha....... I had completely forgotten what we had talked about yesterday in church. Funny how I wasn't even thinking of it when I reminded him to think of others, and how his actions would affect others.

I'm hugely encouraged by the fact that our boy was actually listening to my sunday school lesson not to mention the fact that he hand washed all the dirty dishes!
After finishing the dishes he wanted to help me clean more so off he went to clean front of my fridge and washed the hall mirror.

Ahhhhh the domino effect of praise. As soon as he completed a task and I praised him he would then ask "Now what can I do now mommy??"


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