Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thanks Santa

We spent the last two nights in Edmonton. This year rather than bring a bunch of toys for the kids Santa sent us to Edmonton for a two night stay. Thanks Santa!

We left baby girl with her grandparents and drove the two older ones to Edmonton. We had a wonderful trip! The second day was spent at West Edmonton Mall. We swam at the Waterpark, rode the rides at Galaxyland and cruised the mall for sales. Our big boy loved the giant pirate ship in the middle of the mall and had a blast pretending that he was 'Jack the Pirate'. Big sister loved the Waterpark. She enjoyed splashing in the pool and loved the waves. She was a little hesitant with the waterslides though :)

After a long day of fun and shopping Daddy decided to go into one more store. I stayed outside with the kids and waited on a bench. While we were waiting my son made up a game called 'Try to kiss me mommy'.

The goal, as you can guess, was for me to try to and kiss his face while he tirelessly tried to hide it in his hands. I'd pretend I wasn't watching, then he'd get really close to me and I'd quickly grab him and give him a big kiss. He'd then proceed to laugh hysterically and the game would begin again.

As we played I couldn't help but mentally freeze that time in my heart. I though ahead 10 years and tried to picture my son at 15 wanting to even hang out with me at the mall- never mind allowing me to kiss him in public.

My heart smiles as I remember his laugh each time I would beat him and plant a kiss on his little cheek. How will I ever allow him to grow up?

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  1. When my nephew got to that I don't want to be kissed stage, I would kiss his head or cheek and he's swipe at the place I had just kissed. I would tell him "You're rubbin' in!!" We would banter back and forth for a while - him saying he was "wipin' it off" and me telling him he was "rubbin' it in", both of us laughing the whole time. :o]


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