Sunday, January 18, 2009

Time to loss the belly!

Chris recently purchased the Wii Fit. Has anyone ever tried it?
If not, check out their awesome website.
I have to admit I was pretty skeptical when Chris first brought it home, but I'm actually really impressed with it and super excited to follow the program.

Here's my quick overview:
The first step you will do is set up your profile. This will help keep you motivated and accountable, as it records every time you workout on a calendar and reminds you of where you need to be in order to reach the goal you set for yourself.
(You can even personalize your character to look just like you. Seriously! The resemblances are hilarious!)
It will take your weight, height, and age. Then it will calculate your BMI for you. Scary, I know, but at lease it gives you a starting point.
Next you select a trainer who will help encourage you and give you various fitness tips throughout your workout and most importantly will make sure you are doing the workouts properly.

They have interactive games and fitness workouts like yoga, strength, balance, and all kinds of fun aerobics . Each time you workout it, you can check your weight and BMI and it will track how much you gained and how close you are to reaching your goal.

As I'm typing this my husband is currently doing the "Super-Hula" workout. He is furiously swinging his hips as if he has a hula hoop around him. Seriously, it's quite the workout.
It's a lot of fun to watch too!

I think what I love most about the Wii Fit is the fact that it's interactive, fun and it starts you off with short workouts (1-3 minutes long), so you don't get bored. As you workout more you can unlock new workouts and can add reps to your current ones.

Now, bear in mind this is only our first 'real' workout. We've gone through and had a little fun playing the different games, and trying out some of the training, but haven't done a full workout yet. I have no idea if it will actually work....I can't see any reason why it won't though!
Here's hopin'!
I'll keep you posted :)


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