Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All clean over here.....

Um....I just caught our almost 2 year old 'washing' her hands in the toilet.

That's right folks.

There she was, liquid soap beside her, leaning over the toilet bowl.
Her arms were in (up to her elbows) soaked in the toilet water and she was happily swirling them around all the bubbles.
She was so proud of herself. When she saw me she started squealing in her little language pointing at the soap and the water and showing me her 'clean' hands.

Yup, she is all about the cleanliness.


  1. that is awesome. Now if I could get my almost two year old to wash his hands...

  2. love it!

    when i was a toddler my mom found me washing my baby dolls hair in the toilet. :-) the clean obsession starts early, i am so o.c.d.


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