Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A wedding and a video

Recently, I had the honor of standing up for a very good friend's wedding.
I love weddings. I do. (heehee)

Really though, there is something magical about a wedding. Two people standing before their friends and family declaring their love for each other. Promising their lives to one another.
There is an abundance of love, an overwhelming feeling of hope, and the purest of joy.

With every wedding I attend I can't help but reflect back on my own. As I hear the rich words of love and promise I allow them to wash over me and my views on marriage. It is so refreshing- kind of like watering my marriage perception.
No matter the season our marriage is in, as I'm brought back to the day when I gave myself to Chris I am renewed.
And today, I find myself more in love with Chris then I ever thought possible back then.

This wedding was no different. Although I think that Chris had a harder time with it. Half the ceremony was done in french and so he couldn't really understand :)
But, it truly was a beautiful day. A beautiful couple. A beautiful start to their life together.

A few weeks after the wedding we were organizing the basement and we came across a box of VHS movies that we hadn't gone through since our move last year.
Chris decided that it was high-time we purged our collection.... we do after all live in the age of DVDs he reasoned.

I reluctantly agreed and started to go through them. Inside the box, among the Thomas the Train, Wiggles and Barney movies was our wedding video. I asked the kids if they wanted to watch it while mommy and daddy finished cleaning up.
They all cheered (well, maybe not cheered per say, but our big boy said an enthusiastic yes, our two year old did her best to copy her older brother and baby girl smiled.)

So, in the video went, and instead of resuming our cleaning we all stood around and watched it.

It was so amazing to sit with our kids and witness the promises that we had made to one another 9 years ago.
To listen to Chris and I speak from the very depth of our hearts and watch our kids reactions as they witnessed our marriage. Wow.
There are not enough words to describe what my heart was feeling.
Plus, it was super fun to see how young everyone looked :)

What about you? When is the last time you watched your video?

I encourage you to pop some popcorn and sit down with your family and watch it. Watch how it renews your love, how it reminds you of that love that brought you together.
If you don't have a video, put in the song you walked down the aisle to, or a song that reminds you of when you were dating. One that brings you back to that time when you spoke your promises to one another.

Let it water your marriage perception.

(This is the song that I walked down the aisle to and every time I hear it I am brought back to that day and am so thankful that God brought us together like he did!)


  1. ironically our ceremony is still on VHS, and tucked away with the Barney videos (which all of my kids have out grown).
    we watch the video about once every 2 years (on our anniversary). we watched it last year. the kids watch it with us. i too delight in their wonder, all the while knowing they do not get the fullness of it all.
    we celebrated 13 wonder-ful years last week!

    after we were pronounced husband and wife we walked (well michael scooped me up and carried me) down the isle to 10,000 maniacs "these are days." sometimes i turn it on and blast it through out house or car..disappearing for a while back to those moments.

    great post!

  2. Love the new photos :)

    I'm sure the moment of watching your marriage video with your kids was pretty spectacular.

    Our wedding is still pretty new in our minds, but we did watch it on our first anniversary. We have decided to try watching it once each year. Keeps those vows fresh.

  3. It's awful to admit to this, but we've never watched our wedding all the way through! Maybe once we unpack it from our move we'll watch it one night.


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