Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Choo Choo!

My kids love going for walks.
Now that the weather is nice, we have been getting out everyday.

We usually just take a walk around the neighborhood and sometimes make a quick stop at the lake, for the kids to play at the park.
The kids always want to go in the direction of the lake. On the way there, there is a house that my kids have dubbed the choo choo house.

Here's why:

*All Abooooard!*

Isn't that the coolest hedge you've ever seen?


  1. Amazing! Do they pay someone to do that?

  2. No kidding! That's really neat!

  3. that's amazing! it's totally what I would do if I had a hedge ;-)

  4. Love your blog Sara! Let's get together for a walk!!!

  5. i bet some cool ol' g-pa lives in that house. cool ol' g-pas are always the ones to make snazzy hedges. his wife probably has soda and treats on hand for the grandkids. i just bet their cool ol' people (don't tell me if you know otherwise, i like who i have imagined them to be :-)

  6. Hahaha...I have no idea who lives there, but I imagined the same cool ol' couple living there when we first discovered the "choo choo house"


  7. Love your blog Sara! Let's get together for a walk!!!


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