Sunday, June 21, 2009

Menu Plan June 21- 28

So, I took a week off from planning my menu and realized how much I actually rely on taking the time to plan out my menus. We ended up eating fun stuff like corn dogs and delissio pizza, just because by 5pm each night I still hadn't decided what to make for dinner and had to throw something quickly together.

It was a good reminder of why I plan my menus. They take the guess work out!
The awesome feeling of knowing what I'm going to make each day takes off so much pressure that I've actually grown to enjoy cooking.


Enough rambling.

This week is not too heavy on the 'links', and for this I am sorry. I am a very visual person and so I like to post my recipes once they have pictures to go with them. I'm OCD like that. Sorry. I'll try to post the recipes as I make them :-)

Monday: Burritos in the Crock-pot (just throw in some browned ground beef and a jar of salsa for a few hours and voila, you've got a delicious meat sauce!- Thanks Sheri!)
Tuesday: Roasted Sticky Chicken
Wednesday: The yummiest Lasagna I've ever had (recipe to follow this week!)
Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie (using the leftover meat from tuesday)
Friday: Chris has to work all night, so the kids and I will fly through a drive-thru :)
Saturday: Sausage and Mixed Pepper Quesadillas (I'll try to post this recipe later on in the week too)
Sunday: We are celebrating Father's Day with my dad, so I'll be cooking something, probably on the BBQ....not sure what yet :)

For more menu ideas visit Org Junkie!


  1. Great idea for the crockpot burritos- thanks for sharing.

  2. Like dddiva, I was going to thank you for sharing the idea about crockpot burritos. Love those super-easy recipes!

  3. yum... can't wait for the sausage and pepper quesadilla!

    I'm OCD like you too -- can't post the recipe without photos :)

  4. Sounds good! I agree with you I took a couple of weeks off and not good things happened!


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