Monday, June 15, 2009


For Chris' birthday I wanted to do something special for him. Because it was such a significant birthday I wanted to do something that he wasn't expecting. Now, he's simply NOT a party guy, so I knew that planning a big surprise party for him was definitely out of the question.

Instead I decided to plan a weekend getaway for just the two of us. I arranged for the kids to stay with family while Chris and I spent a quiet, relaxing, beautiful weekend in Banff.

We spent the weekend holding hands walking through town. (Which we never get to do because we are always pushing a stroller/corralling the kids!)
We went out for a yummy dinner for two. (At the same restaurant we ate at on our honeymoon!)
We enjoyed the pool and hot tub.
We went bowling and out to a movie.

*All things we could not have done if we had our munchkins with us.*

Just being able to spend some quality one on one time with Chris was so much FUN.

I think that if I had to choose just one word to describe our weekend away it would have to be "Refreshing'.

Refreshing to be able to escape our daily responsibilities. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the everyday-ness of being parents to young children and dealing with all the stresses that exist, that when you do get a chance to get away it just feels refreshing!

Refreshing for our marriage. Not that either of us noticed a need for refreshing before this trip, but there is just something about getting out of the city by ourselves that has refreshed our marriage. Getting out of the everyday routine of it all has left me more in love and feeling more connected. Refreshed!

Refreshing to able enjoyed each others company.
Without interruptions!
There was no "Mommy can I have...." or "Daddy can you....." or " I had that first...." or "WAAAAAA" or "I'm bored...." or " I'm hungry...."
We were actually able to complete our thoughts, and carry on an entire conversation. The best part was the quiet. Man, was it ever quiet.

Now I realize that as awesome as this weekend was, in the land of reality, it won't happen every weekend for us... or even every month for that matter. So, I'm wondering. What do you guys do, to refresh your relationships? Any secret tips?


  1. Bowling!! What a great idea! We haven't done that in forever!

    Love the shot of the 2 of you - such a cute couple :)

  2. awesome! so glad you had such a refreshing weekend :)

  3. That sounds amazing!! My hubby's birthday is coming up, and I'm thinking...'weekend get-a-way!'

  4. what a great gift.

    i find that i do not realize how badly we are in need of these times alone until we are away.

    we get home and i find myself missing him, though he is standing beside me. it's the him all to myself i miss.

    and i guess the way i "refresh" our relationship, is simply by communicating that... that i miss him everyday, the having him all to myself.

  5. So our refresher is usually Marriage Encounter. Weather it be a weekend, our sharing circle or simply daily dialogue! Such a blessing in our life!
    That being said, I can't wait for us to have a weekend away, I don't know when it will be but I still look forward to it!

  6. awesome! so glad you had such a refreshing weekend :)


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