Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Canada!

Today Chris had to work so I decided that I would take all three kids out for Canada Day and find something fun to do. But before we could start our adventure we had to get a 'Canada Day Shot'.

You have no idea how difficult it was to get a decent picture of my three crazies.
But, after the promise of a "treat" I managed to get a few :)
Here's the best one:

And here are my two monkeys showing off their cool Canada tattoos...

After breakfast we decided to head out and see what kind of party we could find.
And a party was just what we found!

There were jumping castles:

And a petting zoo:

And carnival games too.
Oh my!

Our baby girl was content to just sit in the stroller and eat the entire time :)

We also enjoyed watching some beautiful live dancing.
This was a Mexican group that our big girl really took to. You should have seen her groovin' to the music!

Our big boy's favorite was the Hawaiian group. And I have to agree with him. They were absolutely amazing! They did this one song that was so fast, we were BOTH amazed at how fast those women could move their hips! Crazy!
It REALLY made me want to plan a trip to Hawaii....(hint hint honey!)

After all the dancing we watched a performance by the Mounted Troops
(another favorite for our little man)

We had a wonderful day celebrating!

Happy 142nd Birthday Canada!


  1. That looks like a really fun-filled day!!

    You know as I was checkin out your pics of the 3 kids all together I was thinking to myself 'Man, I can't even get a decent shot of my TWO kids together!!' I then I read your caption about the "treat" and it all made sense!! Gotta love bribery EH?

  2. Fun!

    My first time in Canada was on Canada Day... it was a blast!

    Happy Canada Day :)

  3. we have usa b-day celebration on sat. july 4th. we'll watch fireworks on bass lake, and eat junk food. :-)

  4. Looks like LOTS of fun!

    I put a Canada tat on my little A's arm too. She kept checking it out and would run up to her Daddy and exclaim "TATTOO!!" Um, don't get too attached to that idea there sweetie :)

    Happy Belated Canada Day :)

  5. you were at Fort Calgary? we got there just after the Musical Ride... and then took the shuttle down to Prince's Island park it was all good food and fun! Your pics are great.

  6. Fun!

    My first time in Canada was on Canada Day... it was a blast!

    Happy Canada Day :)


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