Monday, August 10, 2009

Ouchy for the checkbook

I'm allergic to technology.

It's true.
Ask anyone who knows me.

It's a miracle I even have a blog.

I am just a simple girl. Some might even call me a dinosaur. But, for whatever reason I just can not roll with the times. I am always one step behind.

I think maybe one of the reasons why I don't make more of an effort to learn is because I just rely on my hubby to do it for me. He is always up on the latest and greatest. He's good like that.

This weekend while driving to our hotel I tried to be a good little navigator using my husband's iPhone. He even had it preset to our destination. But, I still had trouble figuring out where we were.
Push the screen with your fingers, out, sideways, up, down. Sheesh!
(I did get it sorted out after a little while and was able to direct my lovely man, but not without a few frustrated moments!)

And don't even get me started on texting.
I don't text.

End of story.

I can receive them just fine, but it honestly takes me 20 minutes to send a two word reply. On many occasions I've painstakingly written out a message, only to accidentally erase it when I'm trying to send it.
Like I said I'm allergic to technology.
(And besides, what's wrong with picking up the phone and actually calling me? I just don't understand. I guess I'm old fashioned like that.)

Anyways, back to technology. While we were driving home from our weekend away the kids were getting super antsy. I mentioned to Chris how we really needed to order some Adventures in Odyssey Cd's for the kids to listen to.

Chris handed me his iPhone and told me to search iTunes for them. I looked at him like he was crazy. Chris knows I'm a simple girl. I don't do iTunes. Never have. But here we were, the children were extremely restless and Chris was driving on the highway, so it was up to me to search for the stories.

Well, I tried. I really did try my best. But I failed. For some reason when I did a search for Adventures in Odyssey, all that came up was commentary about the program. Not the actual stories themselves. I have no idea why that happened, all I can offer up is the fact that I am indeed allergic to technology.

I gave up and instead we just turned up our music and passed out some more snacks. We managed to make it home without pulling out too much of our hair.

Today I got a call from Chris saying that he was able to find them on iTunes and he went ahead and ordered a bunch. They were $1.95 per episode, so he decided to just start clicking away. Click, click, clickidy click.
And soon enough he was satisfied with a fair amount of new stories for our kids to enjoy.

Now, I guess the way iTunes works is that as soon as you click on download it immediately starts downloading and you are charged accordingly. No problem, right?
Well, a few minutes later he got the email receipt.

He scanned through and immediately noticed a problem....they weren't all $1.95. In his haste to quickly click through all the episodes he accidentally ordered 9 (that's right 9) that were not $1.95 but indeed $11.95 (that means he spent $107.55 when he thought he was spending $17.55!) Whoops! An honest mistake. But man, oh man does that one hurt the checkbook :)

Oh well, I guess now we have enough Odyssey to last a lifetime!

And hey- I'm just glad it wasn't technology-allergic me.
I would have never lived that one down!


  1. Wow, sorry about that.

    I don't know anything about the iphone either... so don't feel too bad!

  2. Those must be some really special episodes! I have many memories of Odyssey being on the radio Saturday mornings when I was growing up.

  3. ouch! But on the bright side, you must own most of the series now :)

    I'm so with you on texting. Sometimes (my) Chris asks me to type out a text for him while he's driving and it takes me! Then I watch him and his speedy texting fingers and I'm blown away. I'm surprised he doesn't have a thumb overuse injury or something

  4. sarah, sometimes i thnk we may be the same person. i too am allergic to technology. yes, i can blog (husband helps me with a lot of aspects) and facebook, and i can kind of find my way around i tunes (my 11 yr old son helps), but i don't and refuse to text, and could never find my way around an iphone. i can't even figure out how to use my simple cell phone (this frustrates some of my tech savy friends), my 11 yr old son helps me out here too.

    i'm okay being a dinosaur. too much technology robs us of life.

    and believe me do i understand "ouch on the checkbook." i hope you are really BLESSED by the odessy series. and Merry Christmas to your kids!

  5. I love that it was your hubby that did it!! whew! off the hook on that one! hehehe

    I can blog, I have learned a little HTML even! But as soon as something goes wrong I am calling the computer guys!! And I too am clueless about texting, in fact I just sent my very first one a couple weeks ago!

    And... I maybe you are not allergic to technology! Just blame it on your magnetic personality! That's what I do LOL

  6. Wow, sorry about that.

    I don't know anything about the iphone either... so don't feel too bad!


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