Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all

Fall has always been my favorite season. I love the crisp air, cooler temperatures, smell, and gorgeous colors. Curling up with a warm blanket outside, sipping hot apple cider and watching the leaves gently fall from the trees is like a piece of heaven.
Yesterday marked the first official day of fall, and although the leaves are turning the most beautiful shades of orange, yellow and red around here the temperature is anything but crisp. 28 degrees C ( that's 82 degrees F ) does not scream fall to me. No, I think we can get a few more days of shorts and tank tops in.
Today they are calling for 33 C ( 91 F). Wow!
But, I won't complain. I know our crazy cold winter is not too far off. This warm weather is actually quite nice. In fact, I think we will hit the beach today to enjoy this unexpected hot day!

Here are just a few fall shots we've taken.

It is seriously IMPOSSIBLE to get a decent shot of the three of them together. Two looking, one smiling is about as good as it gets!

I love that one of my baby with her shadow!

Happy Fall Y'all!
Sadly, I don't actually have a southern accent (I really wish I did) I just love the ring to that.


  1. Awesome shots! We are out of town for a few days, but when we get back how does that playdate sound?

    Happy Fall!!

  2. what fun! I loved jumping into leaves as a kid.

    Enjoy the last of the warm weather!

  3. Great shots! I know excatly how you feel about trying to get a nice shot of three kids - nearly Impossible! I try to get one at least once a month since they were babies, some of them are pretty hilarous!

    As for fall, the leaves have hardly started to turn color here on the East Coast in Maryland. I am hoping that it will be as pretty as last year was in North Carolina. When I was growing up in Sask, I hated fall because it always meant that winter was too close!

    Enjoy the warm weather :-)

  4. i love the ring to a southern accent too :-)

    it's still 102 here, i won't be seeing fall for a while.


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