Sunday, September 20, 2009

Made with LOVE

When I was little one of my favorite things to do was play house. I especially loved pretending I was a Mommy. My mom would let us wear her jewelry and high heels and my sister and I would play with our babies for hours.

One year, when I was about 5 years old, my dad gave me the most wonderful gift. He hand carved a little doll cradle for me. He even carved my name on it.
When he gave it to me I can remember feeling like I was a princess. I felt special. I felt loved.

Now many years later, I have a little girl who loves to play house. She especially loves to pretend she is a mommy. She wears my jewelry and high heels plays with her babies for hours.

Last week I asked my dad if I could take my old cradle and give it to our big girl.

The next day I went to pick it up and quickly got to work cleaning off years of dust and dirt, sanding it down and painting two fresh coats of white paint.
Now, my little cradle was ready for a new lil' mama.

I had some fabric and cotton batting, so I decided to make a little mattress to go inside.
And our big girl loves it.

She even lets her sister play too :)

A special gift
made with love
From a daddy to his daughter
and a mommy to her big girl

Thanks again Dad,
we BOTH love it!


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