Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dinner Theater

Tonight at dinner our toddler provided the entertainment.....


  1. that is absolutely precious.

    thanks for making my morning :)

  2. ok, this is unbeLIEVABLY uncanny!!

    I videoed my daughter singing the EXACT same song yesterday at the kitchen table too!!!

    She didn't get through quite as many of the lyrics...and ours sang her song at lunchtime, but we were equally entertained! I can't believe this happened in two different households on the same day!!

    I'll have to get it off the video camera and post it in the next few days!

    ha! That is just SO great :) And such a wonderful song for our girls to have in their hearts!!

  3. Oh Lacey! That's so funny!
    Can't wait to see your little one singing too :)

    I agree- a wonderful song to have in their hearts.... I catch her singing it to herself ALL the time.
    So cute!

  4. a.dor.able!
    makes me remember my lit'l ones singing at the table.


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