Monday, November 9, 2009

Little Mama Baskets

Last night I finally finished up the baby doll diapers I've been working on for the girls Christmas gifts.
I used this awesome pattern and love how they turned out. The only thing I changed was I made the velcro go all the way across the front of the diaper so that it could be easily adjusted to fit whatever baby/stuffed animal my girls were playing with.

Here are "the twins" sporting their new diapers:

One thing I learnt while making these was to never, under any circumstances, try to sew on self adhesive velcro. In theory it was a good idea. Stick it on and then simply sew around the edges. Ya, no.
You will say many a four letter word. And yell out many a loud GRRRRRRR. Your needle will get all sticky, your thread will break a gazillion times and your stitches will bunch up and look horrible.
So, take it from me- stick to the sew on stuff. Much easier to work with!

I decided that I would make each of the girls a little mama basket to go along with these diapers. So, today I went to the dollar store and bought some fun animal plates, bowls and spoons. I also decided to throw in some old bottles that we had laying around the house.

See this wee bottle?

We used those for our son when he was in the special care nursery at the hospital. Ahhhh, memories....

All alone in the moonlight
I can smile at the old days
(can anyone name that song?!)

Anyways, we have a ton of them so I thought why not spice this one up a bit with a cute little ribbon. I think they are just the perfect size for my girls to feed their little babies.

So there you have it.
Quick and easy 'Little Mama Baskets.'
Can't wait to wrap these up and put them under the tree...

I'm linking this post up to Just A Girl's "I can make that" party.
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  1. nice work! your girls are going to be thrilled :)

  2. Those are so cute! My little girl is getting into playing with her babies A LOT! My mom made the mistake of putting a real diaper on one of her baby dolls and now she wants it changed frequently. Grandparents what do ya do??!!! haha

  3. oh those diapers are adorable! Everytime I read of your crafting projects I end up wanting to add more to my queue. Your Mama baskets are wonderful :)

  4. What a CUTE idea and gift basket. Perfect for little girls. And making diapers, too thrifty. I would be doing more than fussin' since I can't sew as it is! LOL

  5. These are so cute, it makes me wish my girls still played with dolls! I am sure they will bring hours of fun for your girls.
    Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog today!

  6. Those are really, really cute, Sara. I'm sure your girls will love them and get TONS of play out of them.

    (And I feel your pain re the adhesive velcro. F*%$!)

  7. These are just darling. And I love how you're re-purposing real baby stuff that has been outgrown. Well done!

  8. I think this is a spectacular idea! What little girl wouldn't just love this?!


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