Thursday, November 12, 2009

Play-Doh Discipline

"You get a time out!" our two year old said in her best stern mama voice.

"Who does?" I asked while cleaning up the breakfast dishes.


"Ducky? Why? What did Ducky do?" I smiled

"She being mean to strawberry! She time out 2 minutes!"

.....A few seconds later:

"You need to be nice Ducky. Now, say sorry."

"Ok. I love you ducky."

This has been a daily occurrence in our house lately. Our little mama has really been on top of her babies, making sure that they are all nice to each other and go to bed properly! Many times throughout the day I will find one of her babies on the time-out step serving their time.
I had to laugh though at this morning's discipline to the duck play-doh mold. Oh, how I love this age. They really do just keep you smiling!

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  1. but she sees that discipline is necessary. good job mommy!


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