Monday, February 1, 2010

Shower Love

I adore pregnant bellies.
It's true.
I think they are the ultimate in beauty.

My wonderful friend is just a few weeks from her due date and
just being around her makes me want to have another one.

This past weekend we celebrated with a baby shower for her.
And like with any gathering of women, there was lots of talk.
Labors were compared.
Newborn sleep patterns discussed.
Lots of advice.
Fun Stories.

And there was some spoiling.
Cute baby clothes.
All things baby.

We played fun games.
Ate delicious food.
And enjoyed a little cake.

Oh, Beautiful Karine!
I can't wait to meet little Baby Baker... how about this week?!
Pretty please, I need to hold a newborn again!


  1. Beautiful Cake Sara!! My cousin and his wife just had their second baby and it gave me a little baby fever too!! Mine however, will not result in another baby, but perhaps ... yours will? he he he!!

  2. too cute! I'm guessing you made the cake?! if so -- what a nice job.

    that baby fever is a dangerous thing, isn't it?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I meant to say you are a cake - MAKING phenom (because, somehow I wrote that you were a cake). Honestly, pretty sure I've hit the "stupid stage" of pregnancy.


    Well done! I'm sure she felt so loved and supported :)


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