Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Fun

Easter is just around the corner and I have three very excited little bunnies!
To celebrate we have been getting a little crafty around here...
Today we made Easter Nest Eggs.

They are super duper easy to make!
Just make a batch of Rice Krispie Squares.
Line a muffin tin with wax paper.
Place a heaping spoonful of Rice Krispies in each muffin cup and press down in the middle to form a nest. (I used wax paper with a little bit of butter to help press down the middle- it really helps with the stickiness factor)

Now, melt a package of butterscotch chips in a glass (heat safe) bowl over boiling water.
Put a little in each nest (this acts as the glue to keep the eggs in place)
Next comes the really fun part- decorate your cute little nests with eggs (jellybeans!) Just remember the rule....one in your mouth, one in the nest....Ha!
Easy, fun, yummy.

(p.s you can also make a chocolate version- instead of making the traditional rice krispie squares with marshmallows, mix cereal with melted chocolate chips. You can also melt chocolate chips instead of butterscotch chips for the inside)

We also made this cute little egg wreath for our front door.
So happy. So spring-y.

And finally, these cute little eggs. Normally we do the traditional painting the boiled eggs thing, but this year we decided to try something new. These are plastic eggs covered in tiny strips of masking tape (the kids LOVED that part) and then painted.
We used this tutorial (when you click on the video, the tutorial is at the end of the video at- 12:24)

Yippee for Easter!


  1. I made those little nests last year! I'm so impressed with your jump on Easter! Did the girls help you with your wreath?

    Somehow this year I just can't get my rear in gear ;)

  2. LOVE the nests!
    I made a wreath like that last year. However, the sun ended up bleaching it on my front door & I had to toss it. Glad it was super cheap to make! Yours looks fabs!

    Visiting from Just A Girl. :)

  3. these are awesome -- and nut-free deliciousness for Easter!!

  4. I am stopping by from Just A Girl's party. I just posted about these on my blog. . and linked to you. It is my most recent post so come on over and check it out. You have a fun blog. . I look forward to stopping by again.


  5. the post is up now. . I got distracted. . sorry about that.

    here is the link:



  6. Thanks for sharing the link for the Easter egg wreath. I've saved it to my favorites so we can make it next year...love it!

  7. you are a good mommy. i use to be a good mommy, then my kids got bigger.

    i have a million plastic eggs, i see a wreath in my future (maybe in my neighbor's future too).

  8. SO fun! We should really get a playdate happening soon Sara!!

  9. Martha, Martha, Martha!!

    You continually amaze me. I LOVE these ideas! Easy for kids and easy for mom-my favorite kinda projects. Thanks for passing along =)

  10. SO fun! We should really get a playdate happening soon Sara!!


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