Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Grandpa's Specialty

I am about to share with you the best snack ever.
Growing up, these were Grandpa's specialty.
He would make them for us as a special treat whenever we were visiting.
I can easily remember him standing at the table making them for us as we sat excitedly, hoping to get the first plateful.

Today I made them for my kids for the very first time because, well, I FINALLY found an ice cream that didn't have the "may contain nuts" warning.
I smiled as I watched my three little munchkins sit excitedly, hoping to get the first plateful!

Ok, so here are the ingredients:
Two simple ingredients.

Ice cream and soda crackers.

That's it.
Mmmmm. Crazy good combo.

And all you do is spread some ice cream over the crackers,

and make yummy ice cream cracker sandwiches.
So easy. So delicious.
The perfect balance of salt and sugar...

Trust me they are delicious.
When I first told Chris I was going to make these he wasn't convinced that they would be any good, but seriously, they are soooooo yummy, especially if you let them sit for a couple minutes and can squeeze the ice cream out the sides while you quickly try to lick them up. Yum-O!
See, they provide a yummy snack and entertainment!

Ok, now (if these are new to you) go try them and tell me what you think....
Are they not the best kept secret or what?!


  1. oh, I bet those are amazing!! Love the sweet/salty combo.

  2. Okay I am smiling ear to ear!! Are you serious? Ice cream and crackers. I LOVE crunchy, salt things-they are my weakness. Throw in some sugar and I'm done for :) I'm going to try them tomorrow, but I'm thinking the less that I need to crave the better, ha! My "baby weight" probably won't fall off if I add this to my diet?

    And thanks for the sweet compliments on my photos. Sara, I am such a novice with photography - I need to learn photoshop in a bad way but have no time to do it. I get frustrated with myself and don't even want to post my photos because I think of how I want them to be...so thanks for the encouragement.

    yummmmmmmO post :)

  3. Oh! I will definitely be trying these!! :)


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