Friday, April 9, 2010


You are
3 today!
(or as you say it "I free!")

You are so very beautiful
full of life
and most definitely the comedian of the family.
You constantly have us laughing....
at the serious way you tell your stories
at your crazy expressions
and just by hearing your laugh!
It's contagious.

How I love your free spirit and the way you are so naturally confident
and I love that you LOVE the spotlight.
I so enjoy seeing the world through your eyes.
You always want to know the "why" behind everything!
And when we go for walks you take your time, looking and touching everything.
You are teaching me how to slow down
and enjoy the beauty that is all around me.
Thank you for that.

I love your independence
and the way you want to do everything like your big brother.
You have no fear and constantly amaze me at what you can do already.

Your currently have a love for all things baby.
You are an excellent mama.
(your babies are sure blessed!)
You have such a mothers heart and are so tender.
your little sister looks up to you
and you take care of her as if she is your baby...

Your favorite thing to do is bake in the kitchen with me.
I love making sweet treats with you.
You are such a wonderful helper!

My sweet love,
words are not enough to express just what you mean to your daddy and I.
We love you SOOOOO much.
You are such a joy.
I am so happy that God blessed us by adding you to our family.
Happy Birthday my little love!
I love you today and always,

p.s Could you please stop growing.... I want to keep you little forever.

And just in case you were fooled by the sand pail and summer clothes in that first picture.....

A blizzard blew in last night and our trip to the zoo today involved snowsuits.
Fun spring weather!
The clothes and pail were a gift from Auntie and Adam,
and you cried when we made you take them off....
don't worry, summer will be here before we know it!


  1. What a precious little one you have! I hope the zoo was fun even with the snow :)

  2. What a great post - you sure have an eloquence with words! Happy belated b-day!

  3. Happy Birthday! Is the potty training rebel? Sounds like we could go to group therapy together :)

  4. "free, free, i'm free at last" this is what i use to sing to my "free" year olds.

    happy birthday. she is adorable.

    i'd like to squish mine all back down to 3. it is my FAVORITE age.

  5. Happy Birthday! Is the potty training rebel? Sounds like we could go to group therapy together :)


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