Monday, November 29, 2010

nap time

it's nap time....
she should be sleeping
i can still hear her bouncing around up there.
i've already been up there a couple of times to tell her to go to sleep.

sadly (oh, so sadly)
she's growing out of her naps.
most days she just has "quiet time" in her room
where she'll read books or sing quietly.
but today
she needs a nap.
boy, does she need one.

i can tell from all the whining.
the crying over ev.ery.thing.
the short fuse.
and most of all i know from the one thing she only does when she's tired,
the sucking her thumb.

i should go up again and put her back in her bed....
but today
i need a nap.
baby has been keeping me up at night and i'm crazy tired.

i can tell from all my whining
my crying over silly little things.
my short fuse.
so even though i can hear her up there
and know i should once again go remind her it's rest time.
i don't.
instead i lay on the couch.
give into my fatigue.
and fall asleep to an episode of 19 kids and counting.
(michelle is my hero. seriously. my hero.)

i wake up to a quiet house.
it's 3:05 and i have just enough time to stumble upstairs and get my girls up
before we have to shoot out the door to pick up big brother from school.

i open her door quietly and find...
actually this isn't that bad at all.
just a couple of drawers have been emptied.
and check out her organization.
putting matching underwear with each pair of pants :)

i look at her bed and it's empty.
instead i find her curled up right next to it.

i wonder how long it took her to give in....

sweet child.
why, oh why do you fight it?


  1. So funny! Sounds like G! (I've got the monitor on & he's leaning out of his bed trying to play a bit (he doesn't dare get out for fear of a consequence!). I agree...I'd LOVE a nap, why do they fight it? (BTW: hilarious she's matched the undies! Love that you took a pic!)

  2. my opinion is that sometimes we just have to let them cry/work it out. let them fall asleep on the floor when they are exhausted form the melt-down.

    sometimes i need the same.

    less mess (emotionally) to clean up later.

  3. oh poor girl. her room really wasn't that bad... could have been worse. she did a great job of matching things up :o)

    i am glad you got a rest in too. i always feel better after a little refresher nap.

    i agree with denise... sometimes they just need to cry it out.

  4. Oh so sweet. (And I personally love that she's a thumbsucker as my oldest refuses to give it up.)

  5. Why oh WHY do you have to live so far away from me, Sara?! I could have written this exact. same. post 18 months ago when I was preggo with Brayden. And that's when Ky started going through his hiatus with naps. Ughhh I would plead and pray in my head...PulLeeaaaSe fall asleep. And justtttt as he would, the girls would walk in from school, haha! And Michelle duggar, yep my hero too. See what we can do with Jesus behind us? AMAZING. I try to remember that.
    And you, Sara are a true Proverbs 31 woman. In every sense of the word. So just remember that when your body and your heart is tired. I so admire you and man oh man if I was your neighbor I'd be swooping in to get her while you took a long, sweet nap :)


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