Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2nd Annual Christmas Cookie Countdown

Last year we started a new tradition in our home.
A tradition that I am so excited to continue.
We set out to bake something everyday in the month of December.
Our first ever Christmas Cookie Countdown.
Some people though we were a little crazy.
And to be honest, there were a few days when I felt like maybe we were too.
Lots of patience was required.
{especially for all those dishes!}
But we pressed on and in the end it was worth it all.

It was MORE than worth it all.

See, what started out as a fun little baking adventure with my kids
{which truly it was, we had so much fun in our kitchen last december!}
turned into

It taught me more than I can ever say about what Christmas truly is all about.
It touched me in a way that I will forever remember.
Because we didn't just bake our way through December.
We purposed in our hearts and taught our kids that with each recipe,
while we would enjoy a few little tastes here and there,
most of our baking was going to be given away.

And it was.
To the perfect people.
To the ones that Jesus wanted us to give to.
I had my own little plan from the beginning, but in the end Jesus surprised me.
In the most amazing way.
He's cool like that.

See, he lead us to deliver our baking to the homeless men and women living in our city.
And I'm not convinced it was mostly for them.
I think I needed to see Jesus just as much as they did.
I can't remember a more tangible time when I've seen Him.
{you can read about last year's delivery here}

So, this year we are going to continue our tradition.
We will bake.
{maybe not everyday... but we'll try!}
We will pray.
We will deliver.
And once again,
we will see Jesus.

I can't wait!!!

Since many of you are new around here I thought I'd re-post our cookie recipes from last year each day,
along with any new ones we decide to try this year.
Hoping that you will enjoy them and maybe try some of them with your families too.

Happy Baking Friends!


  1. yea!! Love this. It might be a tradition we start with our family someday....

  2. Okay, so I just read last year's post and totally started crying! Love this idea. Can't wait to see your recipes and make some with my kiddos so we can share the love!

  3. Love it! Thought of you guys this morning! We started our activity a day - I'll post later. See you tomorrow morning!

  4. That is absolutely amazing. The fact that you baked all those cookies is incredible enough but then to deliver them to the homeless ... the lessons you're teaching your children are life-long. How awesome!

  5. I love this tradition! I actually got choked up reading this post and thinking about how your cookie gift was a blessing to others and to YOU. Isn't that the way the Lord works?!

  6. What a FABULOUS idea! You're right, it is so cool how God designed giving to bless the GIVER as much (or more) than the receiver.

  7. Oh my.... I love this tradition. And all though my girls are just 2yrs old. We'll be starting this tradition ;)
    Thank you for sharing.


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