Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Cookie #5- Santa Crackers

This afternoon was the first time I had all three of my little elves together in the kitchen with me. We had a great time making our Santa cookies and only managed to eat about half of our supplies :)

It was a little crazy.... no make that A LOT CRAZY!

But the kids had A TON of fun!
I'd say that this one was by far their favorite baking time.

Our Lesson: Everyday I have intentionally been taking the time to teach a lesson to our kids to go along with our baking project.
Today that didn't happen. In the craziness of trying to make our cookies while at the same time keeping my little elves from devouring all of them I missed the opportunity. But, that right there is my lesson. I sometimes need to simply enjoy the process. It's ok that we missed our lesson. It's the time spent together as a family that's important. Sometimes I need to let go of my OCD and just enjoy the moment :)

Santa Crackers

Graham crackers
Icing ( I made my own buttercream icing but store bought would work great too)
Red Food coloring
Mini red cupcake sprinkles (for the eyes)
Red skittles (for the nose)
Mini marshmallows

Frost the entire cookie with pink frosting. Place a small dab of red icing on one corner and smooth out to make the hat. While frosting is still moist add 1 mini marshmallow for the tassel.
Add mini marshmallows for the beard, red candies for the eyes and red skittle for the nose.

Easy and fun for the kids to do all on their own!


  1. Fun, fun, fun! I'm totally making these cookies with my daughter this week. Thanks!


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