Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Cookie #9- Peppermint Bark

See, I promised you another minty one.
And I just refuse to disappoint you :)

I love this recipe. So easy and so delicious.
Annnnnnnnd I have a little trick for you too! Only, you'll have to implement it next year, I'm afraid, because you can't really find this type of chocolate in stores now....
The Chocolate Bunnies!

That's right. I always stock up on the solid 1 lb bunnies just after Easter when the stores are clearing them out. They are perfect for these types of recipes!

So don't forget next year when you see a bunch of chocolate bunnies being sold super dirt cheap and you wonder why anyone would want more chocolate after you know why.
Pick them up and save them for your Christmas baking!

Our lesson: It's fun to take something yummy and re-purpose it into something even better. Just like these bunnies, God wants to take us and mold us to be even better than we can imagine!

Peppermint Bark
(adapted from

1 lb milk chocolate (chopped into bite sized pieces)
1 lb white chocolate (chopped into bite sized pieces)
12 candy canes (crushed)

Melt milk chocolate in a heat safe bowl over a saucepan of boiling water (this will prevent chocolate from burning). Pour melted chocolate onto a foil lined cookie sheet to make an even layer. Refrigerate until firm (about 30 mins.)
*I put mine outside for 10 min and it was hard as a rock. Thank you winter.

Melt white chocolate using the same method. Pour over top of the milk chocolate. Sprinkle with crushed candy canes and refrigerate until firm (again another 30 mins).
*Or 10 min if you live in the freezing cold :)

Peal back foil and break into irregular shapes and enjoy!


  1. Ok, so I read your post and got to the bottom of it and clicked on one of the "You might also like". It was a 10 on Tuesday. You said something about a Lego party. A few months ago I had favorited a really cool Lego party post and forgetting that I was reading an old post, went to the cool Lego post I had favorited to give it to you. Then, I felt like a total dweeb because I realized it was you who wrote the awesome Lego party post. Duh!!!!

  2. i have been sewing and baking all day (snuck in a conversation with kristen too). girls have a part tomorrow and i am no where near done. i need some some of this to take with me. can you fly to cali and deliver some before to morrow a.m.? and then we can spend the whole weekend together!

  3. I made peppermint bark last night as well. I however was not a genius last year and did not buy extra bunnies thanks for the idea tho!!! Your peppermint bark looks delicious!

  4. Very nice!!

    What a great idea using those chocolate bunnies, especially when Easter is over and they all go on sale, man, wish I thought of that ! lol


  5. Another one I want to try out one year! And after making that white fudge - the stocking up on white chocolate bunnies is BRILLIANT! (i spent a small fortune on the white choc. chips!) Do you just freeze it or is it OK as is? (the choc. bunnies).

  6. i LOVE the idea of using the bunnies... you are so smart!

    yummy... this is on my to make list for this year for sure!

  7. Very nice!!

    What a great idea using those chocolate bunnies, especially when Easter is over and they all go on sale, man, wish I thought of that ! lol



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