Saturday, January 15, 2011

God knew who I'd need

My mother-in-love is such a gift to me.
God knew who I'd need.
He knew I needed a mama.
He spoiled me with her.
Completely spoiled me....

Thursday night I caught the flu.
That yucky, horrible, nasty flu that's been going around.
The one that I thought I escaped last month when the rest of my family got it.
Not so much.

After being up sick all night hearing the alarm Friday morning made me cringe. All I wanted to do was crawl under my covers and never come out again.
I could barely lift me head from my pillow, forget about even walking down the stairs to watch the kiddos.
I seriously had barely enough energy to blink ;(

Since Chris had meetings all day.... my sweet mama-in-love was able to get the day off work just to take care of me and my littles.

She sent me to bed and kept the girls quiet while I slept all morning.
She picked our son up from school and gave the kids lunch.

As the day went on I started getting more and more contractions and ended up going into the hospital that afternoon.
Don't worry, everything's fine now, I was just really dehydrated {since I couldn't keep any fluids down. yup. sorry for the visual;)} so they needed to give me a bag of IV fluids and then they monitored babe's heart rate, which became normal again after having the IV.
While Chris and I were at the hospital I knew I didn't need to worry at all about the kids.
I knew they were being well taken care of.

When we got home the kids were in bed,
and the house was spotless....
And friends, when I say spotless I mean the couches were moved and vacuumed underneath.
The laundry was done.
The walls were scrubbed down.
The floors were sparkling.
Even our cupboards were cleaned out....
And this morning my in-loves even showed up with groceries.

See what I mean about being spoiled?
My house is spotless.
My fridge and cupboards are stocked.
My heart is full.
Thank you Jesus for my mama.
I am so humbled by how she loves me.


  1. That brought tears to my eyes - you are so blessed!

  2. beautiful.

    just beautiful.

    God certainly gives good gifts.

    and, glad to hear you're doing better!

  3. i love her.
    i want one.
    i want to be her when i grow up.

    sorry you were so sick. it is one thing to be sick when it's you, but when you are pregnant...AGHH!!

  4. She is such a great woman! We are definatly blessed to have her in our lives :) So glad you are better!!

  5. We've been praying all weekend for you! Yes, you are so very blessed with Donna! (and your father in law too). So glad to hear you're better & baby's fine too!

  6. i am sorry you were sick... nothing worse than the flu when pregnant.

    your mother in love sounds amazing. i echo denise... i want one. i want to be her when i grow up.

    i hope you are feeling better and can eat some cheez whiz sandwiches :o)

  7. Beautiful. This post brought tears to my eyes too! Your in-laws are amazing.

  8. I love how you summed it all up at the end " heart is full." How perfect! She sure sounds like a blessing.

  9. What a blessing!!!! My mom loves on us like that. Hope you are better soon! Pregnant and sick is SO not a fun combination!!!

  10. Oh Sara! This is an amazing post. I had the most wonderful mother in law who died the year after Scott and I got married. It's so good to hear of someone who loves their in-laws so much...what a blessing!

  11. Sara, that is absolutely amazing.

    You are a blessed woman and you deserve every ounce of it. Oh my gosh, I don't even know what I'd do...what a huge blessing- and I know that she feels every ounce as fortunate to have YOU in HeR life! To have such an amazing woman raising her grandchildren and turning them out into the world. There's no better legacy than that.


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