Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yes, I do know it's Thursday, but doesn't Ten on Tuesday just sound better?

2. We have been sick, sick, sick. Sore throats, fevers, stuffy/runny noses and lots o' hacking. In the attempt to make the best of our spring break we have been having a week long pajama party.

3. Things have been pretty quiet here on this blog but I have been a busy little bee working away on the computer and I am finally ready to show you what I've been working on...

Check out my new photography site.
{click on image}
4. This guy is the reason it looks so fancy.
Chris, YOU are the best husband EVER.
Thanks for loving me the way you do:)

5. This weekend our big boy spent his first night away from home with friends (he's slept over with family lots, but this was his first time staying with one of his friends.)
His school hockey team had a tournament out of town and he was invited to go up with one of his friend's family. He did awesome. I, on the other hand was a complete wreck. Poor Chris had to reassure me every 5 minutes that he was fine. When did he get so big?! Wasn't it just yesterday that I was up rocking him through the night?

6. This was my facebook status on tuesday. Joy.

7. I'm probably the last person on earth to know about "Annie Eats" but in case I'm not I thought I'd share her with you. Oh my yumminess.

8. Ellie has slept 8 hours straight the last two nights. I think we should buy her a pony.

9. It's official. Our little family has decided that Romona & Beezus is the best movie ever:)

10. Ok friends, I need your help..... what should I throw in the oven for dinner tonight?


  1. your website looks really good sara. nice job chris!

    chicken in the crock for tacos here.

  2. Sheppards Pie!!! I love the new website. You are so talented I could look at those pictures a million times!!!

  3. oh I hope you guys are feeling better soon :(

    On a happier note, the new website looks fantastic!

    Dinner - I wouldn't have been much help today. I SOS'd hubby at 4:00 to bring home pizza.

  4. Beautiful website!!

    Sorry that everyone has been sick. :( hope you're on the mend soon.

  5. Hope you figured out dinner by now :)
    I took out some chicken, threw it in the toaster oven, and put fries in the oven... That and raw veggies were our dinner!
    The website looks fab :)
    Hope you guys all get healthy soon! Jammy parties ARE fun though...

  6. Love Annie Eats! Thanks for introducing me to that blog! (and you are definitely NOT the last one to know about it now!)

    Beautiful website!!

  7. boo for sickness!! a great excuse for snuggling in for the week.

    your website looks awesome.

    i love annie eats... so great!

    landon hasn't done an overnight yet... so not ready.

    yeah for sleep! but boo on her vaseline bath... at least so was nice and silky smooth :o)

    we love ramona and beezus {mauryn calls it ramona and jesus}

    its too late for a dinner suggestion but i would have suggested something from your frozen meal stock from the freezer.


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