Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I finally blew the dust off my sewing machine last week and made this blanket for our littlest.
Super easy and the fabric is oh so wonderfully soft.

2. Speaking of handmade, check out these ADORABLE booties my dear friend knit for our girl. Oh.my.cuteness. I can hardly wait until she grows into them!

3. This weekend I broke down and bought a couple new tops at the mall. I'm in that fun in-between stage where my maternity clothes feel too big but I can't quite fit back into my regular clothes. This is my least favorite stage of pregnancy/postpartum. I get that I just had a baby a month ago, but why can't I be one of those women who's weight just falls off them due to nursing. I'm one of the lucky ones who holds onto the pounds :(

4. So, Chris and I have debated starting up an exercise program together. He is pushing for "Power 90" but it kinda makes me want to run in the opposite direction. Has anyone ever done that program? Or is there another one you would recommend doing?

5. Dare I say it........that spring is FINALLY at our fingertips?! The snow is melting and the temperatures are getting warmer. Today I wore just a sweater when we went out grocery shopping. Yippee!

6. I adore cooking shows and more specifically baking shows. I have a HUGE weakness for the Food Network & TLC. Food Network Challenge, Fabulous Cakes, Cake Boss, DC Cupcakes, Ace of Cakes. I love 'em all. It is so amazing to me to see what these bakers/artists can do with cake. Most recently I discovered the show "Cupcake Wars." Love it. Have you seen it? I secretly want to go on... ;0

7. Tomorrow is our 7 year old's sharing day at school. Every month he faces the same dilemma..... will it be something Star Wars or Lego that he brings in to show his class. This month he didn't have a hard time deciding at all. He wants to bring in his new baby sister. Awww :)

8. This post is a must read for any and all mamas. Amen.

9. Back in December I shared how we started reading "The Jesus Storybook Bible" with the kids. They all absolutely adore it. I love how excited they get when we read it and how involved they become as they listen to it on CD. It is a phenomenal children's bible. My friend Sarah from Short Stop is giving away 10 copies of the new "Large Trim Jesus Storybook Bible" today. Sweet! Now go enter to win :)

10. Ta-da! Her first {half} smile caught on camera :)


  1. she is so alert in this picture.

    great 10 on tuesday!

  2. Awww, beautiful girl! :) She is so precious Sara!! I'm sure she loves that adorable blanket you made. :)

    My daughter LOVES the Jesus Storybook Bible! So do I! (I can't remember if I've commented about that on here before.) We haven't listened to the CD though. (I probably told you that too! Ha!) :)

  3. Is it bad that I am encouraged that you too are in that "when am I going to look like MYSELF again phase?" I need to make a Target run....nothing is flattering.

    That is one sweet baby girl.

  4. i want elliot's blanket... it looks so warm and snuggly. love it!

    i LOVE all those same cooking show. it makes me want to get cable again so i can watch them.

    any exercise program by tony horton will get results but it will kick you in the booty. if you want to start out not as intense you could do jillian michaels 30 day shred. its tough even for the guys.

    i noticed your scripture memory verse... was it really the verse from joel this month?? i am guessing i really need to rend my heart as i keep seeing it all over the place. hmm....

  5. Those booties are absolutely adorable! I'm just looking at the picture and tears are welling up. Sheesh. And I can't even blame it on pregnancy hormones :)

    Your son and his Lego/Star Wars dilemma cracked me up. I'm guessing my husband might still have that problem if there were a sharing day at his work. Ha!

  6. Bravo for already sitting back at your sewing machine - it looks so warm and cuddly. Perfect for those precious newborn baby snuggles. And that "inbetween" phase - oh man, I remember that all too well. Probably because I still feel like I'm in it and it's almost been a year :|


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