Friday, April 15, 2011

Me and You and You and Me

I started this blog for me.

It was a creative outlet. A place where I could write and then look back and remember these crazy days of raising a small family.

It has grown into so much more than that.

It's been a place that has grown my faith and where I can just pour out my heart. I love looking back at old posts and seeing how much I've changed, how my little family has grown.

But another part of why I write now is you guys. You, my dear friends, have been such an unexpected gift. The encouragement, inspiration, challenge, RELATIONSHIP I've found in you has completely changed my life. I had no idea when I started this blog that I could find the friendships I have. God has surprised and blessed me with all of you.

It truly encourages me to know that anyone actually reads what I write. I am so humbled by all of you. I love that even though we may live worlds apart {geographically}, we can find ourselves relating to one another. Encouraging one another. I love that!

I am close to hitting my 500th post. Wow. How on earth did that happen? Who knew I had so much to say?

So, I've been thinking of a way to make that post special and have decided to do a vlog (video blog) Ahh! This scares me a little. I am not one who likes being in front of the camera. I much prefer to hide behind it!

But, I've decided that I'm going to take y'all on a tour of my little world...where you'll get to see me and my little people {almost} in real life :)
I'll show you mi casa and try to keep it as real as possible {you know dishes on the counter and laundry on the floor and toys strewn about all over.} Sound fun?

Ok, so here's where you come in. Since you are such a big part of why I write I want to include you!
If you had just one {ok, you can ask more than one if you want!} question you'd like me to answer what would it be? It can be anything from parenting these four littles, to faith, to cooking/baking, to photography, to blogging...and anything in between) I'll try my best answering them on the video and maybe I'll even try to give shout outs to all you question askers ;)

It'll almost be like we're sitting face to face talking! Oh how I wish that were possible!

Here we go.
Fire away.
What do you want to know about little ol' me?


  1. Oh where to start, Sar! I could (and do) ask you a million questions! All.the.time ;) OK, so recent life experience leads me to this one; when one kid's super sick, how do you not worry your brains out over them & the rest of the family?

  2. I love this idea. I don't have any particular question but I do want to say from the very few vlog I have seen of you, you are a natural and look and sound great in your vlogs. I am so excited Happy 500th :)

  3. I'd love to hear how you got into photography and more about that journey for you!

  4. lovvve this!

    i did a tour of mi casa for my 100th post. my house, kids, life has changed a TON since then.

    i actually thought of redoing it, but that would mean i would have to clean my house because i will not show the dishes on the counter (o.c.d.) much?) i envy you.

    one question, one question? hmmmm.

    what's your favorite spot in your house and why?

    where would we sit and chat, and from what mug would i drink my tea?

    what's your favorite way to relax?

    do you watch soaps? (shhh, don't tell anyone, but i watch one).

    toilet paper.. do you hang it over or under (oh i hope you get it right).

    will your kids perform a little song for us?

    can you stand on your head?

    okay...i'm done. that was one right?

    love you!

    can't wait for the vlog.

  5. Well with vlogs I am always surprised to hear what a person's voice sounds like. I challenge you to start out with a foreign accent on your vlog! One question I think of is sort of like one of Denise's but different - where do you read your bible and have your 'devotion' spot? Also - do you think when out and about in 'blog posts' as in 'I should blog about this!' or 'this should be put on my blog' etc... Ok, that's all my tired brain can think of right now... Can't wait for your vlog and learn more about you :)

  6. I Want to know everything!!! I am nosey like that!

    I can't wait. You are adorable!

  7. Ooh! I'm looking forward to this vlog! The first time I "met" you (i.e. stumbled onto your blog) is when Denise (uh, not me...the hip one from CA) posted the vlog of your testimony. I watched it and was so moved by how God is working in your life that I had to check out your blog.

    My question is this (get ready, it's a deep one): What's your favorite way to waste time?

  8. Now that you have a new baby how do you maintain balance between the different facets of your life- your photography, blogging, reading blogs (which takes a lot of time), family time, quality time with spouse, etc.? I'd love to know some of your secrets to leading a balanced life :)

    P.S. I really wish we lived down the street from each other so I could come and hold that precious baby :) And of course we could hang out and let the kids play!

  9. I've been on twice before to comment & got interrupted! I had to laugh because I was planning on doing the exact same thing: Q & A post- I think we're kindred spirits, my dear friend ;0)

    So my question would be: In the midst of chaos- like when all 4 babes are screaming, fretting,life is piling know those moments (or is it just me, ha!) WHAT do you tell yourself? Is there a scripture you stand on, a self talk that guides you out of the overwhelming state? I'd love to glean some wisdom from such a wonderful mama.

    cannot wait to see the answers to all these great questions!!!


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