Saturday, April 9, 2011

Precious Girl

Little girls are precious gifts, wrapped in love serene.
Their dresses tied with sashes and futures tied with dreams.
-- Author Unknown

My sweet girl,
What do I love most about you?

I love your spirit.
Your laugh.

I love your gentleness.
Your passion.
Your confidence.

I love how you can find joy in every situation.
I love that you love Jesus
and how you can't get enough of your baby sister.

I love how your hair curls
and your big brown eyes.

I love how you bounce into our room every morning {with a smile on your face} ready for the day.
and how you put your hand on your hip whenever you explain something to me.

I love your smile, your giggles, your song.
Oh, how I LOVE your made up silly songs.
{and the way your face looks when you sing them.}

I love your snuggles.
And the way you give hugs.

I could spend eternity counting all the ways

Thank you Jesus for making my world better with my little princess.

Happy 4th birthday baby girl.
You make my life so sunny.


  1. Happy birthday A!! Wow - 4 hey? She's such a wonderful gal! Hugs from us over here!

  2. This was the sweetest post! Why do you make me teary every single time you write? You have a gift!

    I love your girl's big brown eyes. I am a sucker for big brown eyes.

    All my kids have blue eyes.

    I wanted at least one to have deep chocolate eyeballs.

    Oh well. I will just look at hers and swoon.

  3. So awesome that you do this for your kids Sara - they will treasure these yearly blogs of yours when they get older.

  4. what a beautiful little {big!} one!! Happy Birthday!

  5. Beautiful pictures, beautiful tribute, for your beautiful girl (and her beautiful mommy).

  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl! She is blessed to have a momma that loves her so!

  7. happy, happy birthday. 4 is such a funnnn age! I love your heart for your family, Sara. Truly inspiring to me and a LIGHT to so many mommas. She is beautiful, precious, and obviously so loved.


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