Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FOUR + a month :)

Last month my sweet girl turned four.
It just sounds so grown up. Every day she is doing more and more on her own. Before I know it she'll be off to school and I won't have her around here asking me a million questions a day :)
I am thankful that she still loves to cuddle with me.
Still wants me to tuck her in.
Still spontaneously tells me how much she loves me.

Oh, how I adore this girl.

To celebrate her special day I took her out on a lovely date. We went out for lunch and enjoyed a "fancy" drink and a "fancy" volcano dessert. SO fun. We had uninterrupted girl time where I was able to focus completely on her.
After our lunch we headed to the mall for her birthday surprise. Earlier that morning when she woke up and ran into our room excited for her birthday to begin we revealed that part of her gift was to go to the mall and get her ears PIERCED! Eeek! She was beyond excited (almost as much as her mama. I have looked forward to this day for so long. I remember going to get my ears pierced with my mom when I was little and I couldn't wait to share that moment with my daughter too!)

My little miss was SO brave. After picking out her favorite pair (pink- of course!) she sat proudly waiting to get them done. I was expecting a few tears, but she didn't shed any! She did so well and couldn't wait to show off her new earrings to all our friends and family.

For the next couple of weeks whenever someone would say hi to her instead of saying hi back she would say "I'm four and look!" smiling proudly as she'd pull her hair away to reveal her pretty studs ;)

This year for the girls birthday we decided not have a "friends" party. With a new baby in the house we went for super easy and low key. Abby invited her very best buddy (my cousin's little girl) over and we had a fun afternoon just hanging out. We painted jewelry boxes. Ate pizza. Made orange and grape floats. Enjoyed ice cream sundaes and snuggled up in our homemade theater with popcorn and the movie Tangled.

The cake by request was a barbie cake. Sadly, I can't claim that no barbies were harmed in the making of this cake. When I went to put one of her barbies in i discovered that the cake skirt wasn't tall enough (boo!) Poor Barbie's legs needed to be amputated. Ahh well, she took one for the team and is now officially the "cake barbie". I'm sure we'll use her again in future cakes :)
Here's the super easy tutorial I followed.

I love how the entire day was focused on her.
I love how special she felt.
I love my sweet little Abbybear.
Happy birthday big girl!


  1. Such an awesome post! Such a sweet little girl! I'm glad you guys had so much fun celebrating...and thanks for sharing about the studs. We'll see if we're brave enough come December. Oh heck, let's be honest...we'll see if I am brave enough come December :)

  2. Oh, she is adorable! I love her great big eyes! :) And your party ideas are wonderful! My hubby loves Tangled... he cries at that song when they are in the boat! He's too cute.

  3. happy, happy birthday Abby!!

    she is tooo cute for words. i love the colors in the photography of her fun party. i love the heart and detail you pour into your babies, Sara. it flows from your blog. always inspires me- i'm so glad you all had such a fab day together. what a big girl Abby is- i started following your blog when she was just 2, a baby! times sure are changing and it's so fun to follow your journey...you're such a light to those around you.
    super adorable cake!!

  4. she is so pretty (i can't wait to meet her).

    her day looked very special...perfect.

    earrings- she is such a big girl now!

    i'm not afraid of mutilated barbies (remember we had one in the toilet a couple weeks ago).

  5. That looks like the most fun birthday party ever!! Greats photos, and a very cute cake and what a beautiful birthday girl!! (and so brave too, braver than I was!!)

  6. An awesome cake. I watched the tutorial and she has some great tricks. I may attempt this cake one day.
    I love the first picture with her new earrings. There is just something about her face. she is telling us "I'm a big girl", but she doesn't realize that we can still see the little girl as well. It's a look I see on my 20 month old all the time. Such innocence.
    I'm glad she had a great day.

  7. Happy bday to your sweet girl. She has a pretty cool cake! How's she doing with the pierced ears? I think my 5-yr-old would love to have hers pierced too.


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