Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Goodbye inches!

Friends, I just had to come on here and brag a little.

Chris' company just developed an iPhone App that I kinda love.

It's called Body Tracker.

Basically it allows you to track your measurements (inches) and weight loss as you work towards your fitness goals.

And since (for once in my life) I am actually exercising on an ongoing basis I am super excited about using it!
It was just released last week- I measured when I got it and measured again yesterday and I lost inches in my hips & abdomen this week.) Yahoo.
It is so encouraging to see lost inches, even if the *stupid* scale isn't always going down!

Are you following any kind of exercise program?
Wanna track you weight loss & all those inches as they disappear!?

Then check out this app.
All the cool kids are doing it ;)
(It's already in the top 50 apps for the health and fitness category!)
Oh, and they just got a facebook page too.
'Cuz really, nothing is anything without a FB page :)
Check it out!

Do I sound like an infomercial yet?


  1. a total infomercial minus the english accent!

    this is great. when i have an iphone i will get this app.

  2. Good job Chris & team! As I don't have an iphone, I won't do the ap, but very exciting! And way to go Sara!!

  3. I just git an iphone this past weekend, and LOVE it!!! I will totally get this app!! Thanks Sara!

  4. I am so excited to be one of the cool kids!! ; )

  5. woo hoo! yeah for inches lost and yeah for chris developing an app i needed/wanted!!!


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