Friday, August 26, 2011

InstaFriday- Vacation Edition

this past week we enjoyed a super last minute family vacation. 
we had such a wonderful week together.
i also enjoyed a week off from taking pictures with my big girl camera and instead embraced the beauty of my iphone. it was truly awesome to just "be" in the moment with my family, rather than trying to get that perfect shot! yay instagram. you are my bff :)

1. super excited as we stop to fill up on gas... her baby sister screamed for the first hour. awesome. 2. i adore these two. 3. all packed and ready to go! 4. checking out the mountain air. 5. on the road....pretty sure ellie was screaming again at this point. 6. just in case you were a little confused... 7. we spent many hours swinging this week! 8. sitting at the beach. 9. hanging with "rusty" the moose- would have been better had i not chopped his head off :)

1. i heart her little bum. 2. she held on for dear life while walking down the rocky mountain. 3. dipping our toes in the hotsprings. 4. they loved the waterfall. 5. old barn = LOVE. 6. resting after a long day of travel. 7. my four favorite little people. 8. nursing my little joy. 9. feeding our little army.

1. colombia lake was beautiful. 2. morning kisses. 3. she hearts the water. 4. aaaaaand she is FINALLY sitting on her own! 5. perfect place to escape for the week. 6. we learned all about how mountains are formed. thanks daddy. 7. trying to capture tadpoles in the lake... but they are crazy fast! 8. how our deck looked every day. 9. wildflowers. our little selah stopped to smell each and every one. she picked a few and gave them to me "for your wedding" :)

1. our fish swimming in the lake. she looks so little. 2. mini golf. it's more fun to hit it once and then pick it up and drop it in the hole. 3. abandon. 4. playing memory with daddy. 5. my view from the front seat (as little ellie nurses) of lunch on the drive up. 6. she was born yesterday- wasn't she?! 7. making me some cookie dough ice cream. 8. uncle adam helping with the last hole- she got a hole in one :D 9. family game of aggravation. best. game. ever. (my grandpa hand made the board for me)

hope your week was wonderful too!!!

life rearranged


  1. elliot is getting so big! she is adorable.

    looks like a wonderful time.

    how sweet the your g-pa made you that aggravation board.

  2. Flowers for your wedding... ahh, so sweet! :)

    This looks like a perfect vacation!! :) Such memories. I have never played aggravation! I need to learn!

    And yes, Sara, we absolutely must meet with Denise some day! I would love that so much! :) We have to figure out how to bring Canada closer!! Oh, and I love how you said "bum." One of my best friends growing up was Canadian... she always used to say bum, and I thought it was cute!!

  3. Lovely pictures Sara! I too love instragram, my only fear is that I won't have any "normal" pictures :)

  4. Welcome Home! Looks like you had a perfect week...minus Ellie's vocals on the drive ;)

    Love all your pictures - and I agree, instagram is such a wonderful way to forget about aperture, shutter speed and ISO for awhile!


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