Monday, December 12, 2011

Playing catch up

Two months of pictures.
Two months of memories.
Ones I just don't want to forget!

1- these 3 make my heart so very happy. 2- the best picture i could get of all 4 of 'em just before we went out trick-or-treating. 3- he got a camera for his birthday and insisted on taking pictures of every single animal at the zoo. love! :) 4- new artwork we made for chris' office, yup, those are marvel comic cards. 5- evan's surprise advent calendar. 6- our little bug. 7- reason #1 of why i love fall- red leaves. i love 'em. 8- cool shoes for a cool boy. 9- such a wonderful night out with a beautiful friend! 10- love how different my girls are. selah is very organized and must complete things in order, she always does her beads in lines. Abby is wild and crazy and will put them on wherever she feels like. oh how i love them both!!! 11- making pumpkin cookies. 12- waiting for evan to get out of school. 13- our pumpkin. 14- playing in the leaves. i raked up 14 garbage bags full of leaves this year. i am convinced that all our neighbors leaves blow into our yard ;) 15- helping my sister and her hubby move into their new house. 16- rolling out the dough was always my favorite part growing up!

1- salsa chicken burritos make me think of you! 2- a canvas, some paint and little hands = new artwork for ellie's room. 3- ice cream treat after our little photoshoot. 4- a little nap while we wait for the girls dance class to end. 5- pressing the button is oh so fun. she got to press the inside AND the outside button at her hospital visit to see the eye doc. it's the little things. 6- date night drink. lovely. 7- cutting old t-shirts for his quilt. 8- yummy chocolate cookies for our friends. 9- baking beauties. 10- a gift for my sister. her wedding invitation cut into strips and put in a Christmas ornament for her tree. 11- our new (to us!) air hockey table. 12- 24 Christmas books wrapped and ready to go under the tree. 13- lovely vintage wrapping. 14- a special treat while we wait to see the eye doctor. 15- new flannel sheets. i adore them...chris, not so much :) 16- waiting to see evan's teacher. 17- back at it. 18- sewing up those squares for his quilt. 19- decorating the tree. listening to Bing Crosby. 20- her first look at the lights. 21- she's wearing her Christmas dress because it snowed...snow = Christmas, right?! 22- pulling out the winter gear. 23- baking all on their own! 24- apple cinnamon tea while editing. 25- stringing up the lights.


  1. Thanks for sharing Sara! I loved reading through all of the descriptions and seeing your sweet kids enjoying life.

    ...and I agree, it's all about getting to push the buttons in the elevator :)

    Glad to have you back blogging! I've missed your posts these past months!

  2. Great pictures! What a fabulous collage! Tonight on my "to do's" is to update Oct/Nov Picts too - funny. Must be an organizing bug! Thought of you as I purged closets today - you are my inspiration! So enjoy reading your delights in your precious kids! They really are sweet! ~W.

  3. Such beautiful glimpses into your lives! :) Are these all Instagramed? I want to come play air hockey with you and to see To Kill a Mockingbird! :)

  4. Hi! I was wondering where you got the bead thing?? or what it was called, my kids would love it.

    1. hi crystal!
      i'm pretty sure i bought the beads at walmart. they come in a tub with a ton of beads and a few little molds. i'm not sure what they are called but the are iron on beads. after they fill the molds you iron them and then they can play with them. i have also seen them at toys r us and also ikea. hope that helps :)


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