Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Hello again strangers :)
Somehow almost an entire month has come and gone again without so much as a peep from me.
We'd better fix that with a little Ten on Tuesday randomness.

1. Last weekend I escaped away to the mountains to attend a photography retreat. It was awesome. I made new friends, learned a lot and came away really inspired. I am so excited to see how my photography will develop in this next year.
I think what I took away the most from the weekend was a realistic look at the business side of things. To figure out exactly what I want from my business- especially in this crazy season of raising four sweet little souls :)

2. Speaking of photography- This year I am really trying to focus on a few personal projects. To develop myself as an artist. One of them is called "Linked 52."
It's a year long project with some lovely photographer friends. Every week we have a new theme that we post on Fridays and then link to one another to see how everyone interpreted the theme. I love how it will push me in my art and force me to think of new and more creative ways to take a picture. I'm posting them on my photography blog if you're interested :) Here is last week's:

3. Have you read "The Hunger Games"? If you haven't, you need to. I read all 3 books in under a week. They are that good. Really. You need to read them.

4. Next up- Divergent. What's on your reading list?

5. Hold the phone people. My baby will be a year in less than 3 weeks. How on earth did that happen!? Man, I feel like she was just born yesterday. Sniff, sniff.

6. This past summer for my birthday my sister and brother gave us a weekend away. And in 3 more sleeps we're cashing it in baby! The countdown is on and we are all set to escape away to the mountains- just the two of us. We are even staying in a castle. For reals.

7. Highlight of my weekend- new bookshelves for our basement. This makes my nerdy love-to-read-love-to-organize heart so very happy.

8. I've written before about my struggle with being "that mom". I don't want to be her.
I want to be gentle. I want to be patient. I want my kids to feel loved, and secure. I want them to know without a doubt that they are loved- unconditionally. That they can make mistakes and that there is grace. I don't want to lose my mind the second they give a little attitude. I don't want to have temper tantrums with the best of 'em. This "Gentleness Challenge" has been awesome.

9. Everyone's on Pinterest now right? If you're not- you're crazy.
It's FULL of inspiration- for parenting, crafts, recipes, ideas for your home....and silly things that just make me laugh. A lot.


10. Number ten.... I always get stuck on number ten. What to write...what to write....nope, can't think of anything else. Until next time, friends ;)


  1. Yay, for some glimpses of your life! :) I love your sweet "Breakfast" photos. I keep hearing about the Hunger Games... I'm going to have to look into that. I have been reading a lot of Donald Miller lately. I tried to read The Lovely Bones... now I have horrible images in my head after the first couple chapters. I wish they would go away. :(

    Have an incredibly wonderful time on your trip!!! That sounds fantastic!! :)

  2. I love the breakfast photos. Sometimes have a topic to write about, shoot about etc makes it so much easier. When my kids say "you're just like nana" I want to scream...I don't want to be my mom LOL. I call her and say "mom the kids just accused me of being you" we both crack up as she too did not want to be her mom.

  3. What a cool theme/picture idea! I'm so happy to see a post today. You always make me smile! And E is grown up hey? WOW! Hugs!

  4. how i have missed you- your writing voice. feels like blog home to me, sara. safe.
    i'm just so glad to see you. look at elliot! she is so so so beautiful and big.

    enjoy your time in a castle with just your man. i pray you are refreshed and loved.

  5. you have an awesome sense of humor. love it.

    also. your baby is so stinkin' adorable.

    and pinterest rocks my socks.


  6. How funny I was just on Pinterest right now and that's how I found your blog! Love it!

    A blog for stylish moms despite all the spilled milk!

  7. Enjoy your getaway! My hubs took me to a castle in CO for our honeymoon. Such great memories...maybe we'll go back in a few more years.


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