Friday, October 11, 2013

A New Start

This past week I have been getting up at 5 am.

If you are a morning person you may be thinking, umm.....what's the big deal?
As a night owl I am here to tell you it is a VERY big deal.

For the past 10 years since having our first baby I have been (unsuccessfully) trying to morph into a morning person. It hasn't been for lack of effort. The intentions are there. The desire clear. I want to love getting up. Somehow though, the morning rolls around and I am just mad that I have to wake up. I wish I could jump out of bed with pep in my step, but alas, I must resort to forcing my body up. Willing my eyes to open. Giving myself just 5 (ahem 15) more minutes.

Anyways, back to this 5 am madness.

My husband has been getting up at this insane hour for the past couple of weeks to workout. He does his workout, hops in the shower and is at work by 6:15 am.
And people, he's happier. He's been telling me how awesome it it, how much work he gets done, how much energy he has.... blah, blah, blah.
Well, his peppiness made me a little jealous, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

I have been doing this thing for a week now, and here's the deal- he gets up happy, smiling, ready to go.... and I stumble down the stairs with my eyes half open, a little grumpy and angry at him for being so "lalalala!" He laughs at me and says he doesn't understand why I don't love it. I wonder how on earth he can be laughing before the sun is even up. Grrrrrr.

But here's the fun part....after about 10 minutes of running on the treadmill I start to enjoy it. Gasp. I know. It starts to become enJOYable. And a little smile creeps into my heart and I am actually thankful to be awake.

Thankful to be able to watch the sun rise.
Thankful to have two hours before we have to head out the door for school.
Thankful that I am not rushing & yelling & rushing & yelling at the kids to get going.

Funny how the heart shifts as it awakens....

Our kids get up at 7am. Correction- they are not allowed out of their rooms until 7am. Our spunky 6 year old is usually awake before then- and inevitably wakes her little sister (they share a room) but they have to stay in there until their clock says the magical number seven.

This getting up at 5 madness has given me an hour of quiet after my workout. An hour in the morning before any of the chaos begins to start my day with Jesus. This morning in the bible study I am doing (God's Wisdom for a Mother's Heart) I was challenged to write out my goals. As a woman of God. As a wife. As a mom.

It's amazing how writing things out brings such clarity. Especially for me. Writing has always been a way in which I process. A way in which I learn. A way in which I worship. It's so great to see where I want to be. The areas in which I need to grow. And the ability to look back at where I've been.

One of the things I wrote down this morning on my list was that I want to get back to writing. I miss this. Tonight a friend started blogging again...and once again I heard His whisper.

I'm not sure what this is going to look like, but I want to write again.
This, my friends, is a start.

And I am reminded of the fact that if I didn't push through the hard (getting up when my body screamed NOOOOO!) I'd miss out on the awesome.
I'd sleep right through the blessing.

Do you have goals written out? What will your list look like? 



  1. Love this. Starting your day right has such a long-standing impact!!!

  2. wow, you're amazing (and crazy!!!). it's so, so, so good to see you writing here again.

  3. i'm the happiest person on the face of the earth to see you here, in this place, because i have missed your presence, your voice.

    it's funny that you mention getting up at 5a.m. i have been thinking about doing the same... but sleep. :)

    there are a couple of things i want to do, but i don't do them. fear and comparison and expectation are the devil.


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