Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Eight

I remember that day, 8 years ago, like it was yesterday. When they put her on my chest for the first time and I saw her, brand new, oh how I fell in love.

My Abigail.

She's always been my wild one.
My adventure seeking beauty.
She's not afraid of anything and teaches me so much about embracing life.

She's the one I found on top of the fridge at age 2, happily waving down to me while I nearly had a heart attack.

She's the one who, while played hide and seek with her sister at her brother's hockey practice, found the "perfect spot" at the swimming pool on the other side of the complex. Nearly gave this mama a heart attack when we couldn't find her.

She's the one who just didn't understand the meaning of  "inside voice".

She's the first to try a new food. The last one out of the pool. The first to get up in the morning. The last to leave the party.

She truly squeezes out every bit of joy she can- in ALL things. In fact she can turn an ordinary day into one filled with imagination and fun. Sometimes I find myself asking her to stop her silliness, and sometimes Wisdom tells me to just be quiet and let her be.

I could stand to be a little more like her.

Lately, I see a new maturity in her.... it's a beautiful thing. There's a new softness. A gentleness that wasn't there before. She's quick to obey and I see a sweet leadership quality being developed. It's fun to see this change begin to take shape.

Her spark though, it's still there. And I pray, with everything that is in me, that it will never leave.

Happy Birthday my beautiful Abby.
Oh how I adore you.



  1. Eight already! Unreal! Happy Birthday, Abby. :)

  2. how is this possible?!?! Happy Birthday sweet girl!


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