Sunday, October 21, 2007

In need of Sleep!

The past few days have been hard....I am just about 6 weeks into my third pregnancy and am feeling as though I have been hit by a train.

I am completely exhausted, and definitely felling the yucky "morning sickness."
Although in my case they should call it "nighttime sickness"- it always seems to hit the worst when I am trying to sleep!! This could be part of the reason why I am sooooo tried! I seriously don't know if I'm coming or going half the time.

It's crazy how soon you forget what it's like to be bit by that first trimester bug. I mean, our daughter is only six months old - I really did just go through this last year:)
At any rate I'm just praying that God will give me the strength, and the patience (something I am in short supply of lately) to get through this!!

**On a very HAPPY note, our little angel is back to sleeping 11 hour nights!! Yiiiiippppeee!!! I am so thankful our doctor encouraged us to try that method! It really does work:)**

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