Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Blessing

I am always in wonder of how much God loves me. He always seems to place the right people in my path to encourage or bless me at just the perfect moment. Today I was reminded once again of how much He loves me.....even in the midst of what I am facing He is there!!

Today I had the awesome pleasure of meeting a local singer/songwriter to record her baby's heartbeat. (I currently run a small business, where I record baby's heartbeat, set it to music and create Keepsake CDs)
I have actually totally put this business aside since having my daughter and have even turned quite a few people away.

Yesterday I received a message from a lady asking about having her baby's heartbeat recorded. Normally I have been politely telling clients that I have decided to take some time off after just having my second baby.....but something just felt different with this request.

Turns out God had something to do with it. She wanted the recording of her baby's heartbeat to put on her live worship CD. She plans to start of her concert/CD recording with the heartbeat! Which is to be released with her new book. Too cool!

After meeting her I can say without a doubt, that God intended for us to meet. We immediately bonded over motherhood and similar experiences. It really felt as if she were an old friend.
She has really been through so much in the last few years, and it is amazing to see how God has brought her through and been her strength.

I am so humbled to be used by God to bless her and be a small part of this awesome project. She was such a blessing to me. An inspiration to allow God to awaken the dreams in my heart, and trust that whatever I am walking through now, will be used to bring me to where God has promised.....

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