Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hidden Treasures

I am in full blown "Fall Cleaning Mode."
So far, in the last two weeks, I have cleaned all the windows and blinds, washed all the floors, cleaned the entire house top to bottom- including all the dusting, 3 bathrooms and all the vacuuming.
Today we had our furnace cleaned. It feels so good to have the entire house clean going into the winter.

After the 2 gentlemen finished cleaning our furnace, they came up with a handful of treasures:

2 miss matched socks
1 little people polar bear
1 little people "Noah"
2 toy cars
1 yucky old chicken finger

My 4 year old was so excited that he had some "new toys" to play with:)
(minus the socks and chicken finger of course!)

The gentlemen say that what they found was pretty standard, and not to be embarrassed because they sometimes stumble upon some pretty "interesting things" in the furnaces they clean.....this causes me to question: What on earth could these "interesting things" be that they were talking about?!

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