Friday, November 2, 2007

Yummy Snack....

I love picking my son up from preschool. In fact on the days when he goes to school, it is definitely the highlight of my day. He is always sitting so nicely on the carpet anticipating my return. Usually I can slip in without him noticing, and have the opportunity to really capture his excitement when he does spot me out of the crowd of parents.

Today was no different. Once he caught sight of me a huge grin formed on his handsome little face. I swear the boy can really melt my heart! Everyday the kids do a craft, and my boy is always so proud to show me what he made. Today it was a gingerbread man. It had raisins for eyes, and fruitloops for buttons. Fruitloops are my son's favorite cereal,he doesn't get them very often and so he was very excited to show me that his gingerbread man had fruitloop buttons.......maybe you can guess where this story is going.......

I had to quickly stop at my friend's house on the way home to pick something up and left our big boy in the car while I ran in. When I got back, not even a minuet later, my son excitedly announced

"I eat all the buttons!"

I turned around to face my son and sure enough Mr Gingerbread man, had lost all his colorful buttons.

Yuck! My son had polished off an early snack- glue and all!!

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