Saturday, January 12, 2008

To buy or not to buy......

Buying a house is stressful!

We have found a gorgeous home in the ideal location. It is walking distance to the lake, our son's new school, as well as both sets of grandparents. This home is full of character. It has four bedrooms, an open floor plan and stunning curb appeal. Perfect right?! Only problem is we still haven't put our home up for sale......

Yesterday we kinda jumped the gun a little and put an offer on this "dream house". At first we were content to offer a bit less than asking, with a 120 day possession. This, we thought, would give us ample time to sell our home. (this was countered at a 90 day possession and more money than we wanted to spend.)
We turned that down and offered more money, and again 120 possession. They came back offering our 120 day possession, but they wanted only $1000 less than their asking price. We decided that this was too much and that we were going to just walk away....... which was a good thing because now we're feeling a little stress as to whether or not we can:

A- sell our home in that time, and
B- get what we need as far as $$

We were disappointed, but realized that it was actually better to not have the stress of possibly carrying two mortgages..........This morning we decided to stop looking and just get our house ready to sell in time for the spring market...well this afternoon, we got a call from our realtors saying that the sellers really want to sell and will meet our 120 day possession, they also came down on the price......hmmm......tempting........

After a lot of talking we decided to counter with a firm clause that gives us a condition where we have to sell our house first. This gives us 30 days to sell our home, and we would have to list our home within 24 hours. At this point we haven't heard back yet. Our realtors are not very optimistic. They think it will be too much of a risk for the sellers to take their home off the market for 30 day while we try to sell ours.

I have decided to just leave it up to God. If this house is meant to be ours it will. If not there will be another one.......however I am still curious to find out whether or not we have to list our home tomorrow. I hope they call soon!!

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