Saturday, January 5, 2008


Tonight I took the kids to Zoolights.

Every year the Calgary Zoo puts on a light exhibit with more than 2 million lights. It is always fun to go and see the lights, and especially warm up by the fire pits they have scattered around the park- usually it is freezing cold when we go!

Tonight was actually the perfect night to go. The weather was reasonable (around 2 degrees) and the kids and I were looking for something to do after supper. (Chris had plans with his brother.)

Our four year old son was really into it this year. He loved pointing out all the different light animals, had a blast making an igloo out of foam blocks, made a wish on the wishing tree, and even got to play on a HUGE slide. Although he says that his favorite part was:

"flaming the marshmallows in the fire!"

I think this was our daughters favorite part too. She loved looking at the fire. Plus I was able to sit and give her a bottle, which was perfect since it was around bedtime, and she was beginning to fuss:)

All in all it was a great night out!

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