Friday, April 18, 2008

Goose Attack.

As I was stepping in the door coming home from my doctor's appointment, my son came running up to me, with excitement in his voice:

"Mommy! Guess what!"

"What buddy?" I said, as I tried to get settled, removing my shoes and coat.

" I was playing hide and seek, and I was running up the mountain, and a goose flew me down!" he said smiling.

"What?!" I questioned, not really sure if I had heard, or understood him properly. I knew that he had gone to the lake with his sister and our nanny.....but it sounded as if he had said he got knocked over by a goose?!!

"Yup. I fell and was crying." he said proudly.

"It's true" our nanny Laura said. "He was running up the hill to hide in the trees and a goose flew over his head and knocked him right over!" she said with a giggle.

My son was laughing along, the trauma of the incident clearly behind him, and so I laughed too, trying to picture the crazy scene in my head.

Our son proudly shared his adventurous tale with his Daddy, Auntie, Grandma and both Papas. Each responding with a good laugh.

I guess 1 energetic four year old + 1 crazy goose = a funny story to share with friends and family

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