Thursday, April 17, 2008

Home School.....?!

Lately I have been considering the alternative of home schooling. This thought has come as a big surprise to me. In the past when Chris has brought up the subject I have always been quick to shut him down. I found the idea completely overwhelming and to be honest worry that socially we would be putting our children at a disadvantage?!
Not to mention the fact that I have two small children to look after as well. Now.....I'm not so sure........( maybe it's having all this time on bedrest to dream up crazy ideas...:)

As our son's school days are fast approaching I am finding myself more and more liking the idea of home school. I feel torn between wanting the best education for my son and the fear of depriving him of the experience of being in the school system. I come from a long family line of teachers, I suppose I am also fearful of their response to whatever decision we make.

On the one hand I want to give my son an environment to explore and learn in a way that I know can not be provided within the system. Our son has a very short attention span. He is energetic, and inquisitive and I can honestly say I cannot picture him sitting in a classroom all day and learning to his full potential. I fear that he will be labeled as a behavior problem, and that his now healthy self esteem will quickly vanish.

On the other hand, our son is beyond excited to go to "big boy school". I don't want to take that away from him. He is independent and I fear that by home schooling him I might make him more dependant on me. I also worry about his social growth. I want him to be confident and able to make friends easily. I fear that by home schooling I won't be able to foster his need to interact with his peers.

I've begun my research and I'm learning lots of creative ideas and information. I am leaning more towards the home schooling road. Although the idea of having my son's entire education in my hand scares me beyond words, as well as the pressure of ensuring that my son is properly socialized, I feel like the benefits of home schooling out way those fears.......

This decision is so huge! I am so in awe of parents who homeschool. I imagine that they must be some of the most patient and creative parents out there!
I am going to continue my research and try to get advice from people who are for both sides. I am also praying that God will make it clear to Chris and I which way would be best for our family.

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