Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yikes! I have not written anything for over month and a half now!
What a month it's been!!

Since I last wrote on Feb 10th alot has happened. I was able to maintain the "taking it easy diagnoses" for just a couple of weeks. After that I started having contractions and after 3 trips to the hospital, 3 more ultrasounds and an overnight stay on the post-partum ward I am officially back on strict bedrest.

I am frustrated, stressed and more than a little overwhelmed at this point. I have now been on bedrest for 3 weeks and am being told that I will need to remain on bedrest for another 5 weeks. What's the diagnoses? Irritable Uterus.
Irritable Uterus?!
I've decided that "Irritable" is the medical term that they attach to whatever is wrong with you when they can't figure out why exactly you have the symptoms you have. "Irritable Uterus, Irritable Bowel.....I must say our family is more that a little irritated!"

Basically the doctors are saying I'm having contractions that at this point are not putting my body into actual labor. It is possible that I may continue to have contractions until my due date and possibly even go over that date, or these contractions can put me into the real thing. That is the reason why they have me on bedrest, so as to hopefully avoid going into labor before 34 weeks. (I'm now 29 weeks- 5 more weeks to go....)

Whew! So having said all that, I'm coping. Today is one of the harder days. I'm hating the fact that I can't pick up my one year old. I'm hating the fact that I can't play games with my four year old. I long for the days when I can actually get dressed and head out to..... hmmm .....let's just say that a trip to Walmart would be the highlight of my week!! :-)

I'm leaning on God for his strength because right now I have zero of my own!

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