Saturday, May 24, 2008

No room at the inn......

I am ready for labor. I never thought I'd actually look forward to the whole process. However after spending over 14 hours in the labor and delivery triage contracting every minute and a half, with no change from 2cm, I am ready to be induced!

Problem.....there are no beds! I was sent home today with the promise of a scheduled induction on Monday. The hospital will call me sometime Monday when a bed is available and I will go in to be induced. Woohoo! I can't wait to meet our newest princess:)

What will the rest of the weekend look like? Hopefully the contractions will settle and I can lay low until I hear from the hospital. Right now I'm feeling little pain, I was given a shot of morphine and gravol and it seems to have taken the edge off.......

I think Chris said it best when he made mention of Mary and Joseph......I have new found respect for them when they were told that there was no room at the inn ........

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